How to Find Time to Earn More Money

If you are looking to earn more money, perhaps to help to make ends meet, pay some expenses, pay off a loan or buy some treats, then you will need to find the time to do so. There are a lot of things that you can try, but you need to commit time to all of them. Whether you decide that you would like to work more hours, find a second job, start a business or do anything else they will all take time and so you will need to think about where you will get that time from.

We all lead busy lives these days and so snatching spare time can be really difficult. It can seem hard enough to find the time to cook meals, exercise and even sleep properly and so imagining that we can find some time to earn more money could be beyond our comprehension. However, it is not impossible by any means. It is worth doing a few things to find out/

  • Note down how we spend our time – it can be really good to start by noting down how we spend our time. Note down, for a week or so, what you do with all parts of your day. You will spend some time working, travelling to work, eating, sleeping, looking after family and doing chores. However, we will also spend time relaxing, doing hobbies, on social media, socialising, going out to places and things like this. Note down exactly what you do and how long for and then you will have a pile of data to analyse. Make sure that you choose a typical week to note down the times that you do things as otherwise it will not be an accurate set of data to analyse.
  • Consider where we might be able to fit in extra work– once you have your data then you need to start thinking where you have the time to earn more. Look at your leisure time and whether you can change some of that to work time. Obviously, it will depend on what you do in your leisure time and how much of it you have. We all need to be given an opportunity to wind down and have some fun in between bouts of work and so it could be quite a squeeze but it all depends on the individual. Many of us may find that we waste a lot of time without realising it. It might that we spend a very long time on social media, that we waste time on our commute or that we spend too long in the bath! It is worth thinking about whether you think that this time is wasted or whether it is really important to you.
  • Consider what work might be most suitable to do in that time
    Once you have identified the time that you have available then you need to consider what you will be doing with that time. You need to think about whether you have time to travel to a job or whether you will need to do extra hours in your current job or work from home. All of these could be possibilities and it is just a case of finding something which will suit you. It is wise to think about the types of things that you would like to do. It might be that you want to do something that is fun and feels more like a hobby so that you keep it casual. You will also need to think about whether you need something that will give you a regular income or whether it is okay to do freelance work or something like that where you will be able to earn on an ad hoc basis.

This decision can take some time. However, by working through these steps you will be in a better position to be able to make decisions. You will know how much spare time you really have and what you will have to change if you want to free up more time. It is likely that you will have to reduce your down time so that you can work extra. This can be harder for some people than others. It can depend on whether you need to spend time with family or winding down from a stressful job and whether you still have lots of energy that you can apply to working when you have already been working. If you do not already work, it does not mean that you will have any more time or energy as you may be looking after family or busy with other commitments. However, even if you can just do a few more hours a week, you should be able to start to get a bit more money which should help you.

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